The Southern Wine Route’s Wine Days

For wine connoisseurs, the Southern Wine Route’s Wine Days (German: Weintage) play a more and more vital role every year. Not only has the event become a marketplace for undoubtedly the…
An der Südlichen Weinstraße wächst die Anbaufläche beständig. Chardonnay wird mit guten und besten Ergebnissen angepflanzt und meist trocken ausgebaut.

The Palatine Grape Varieties

The Palatinate wine region is home to 45 white and 22 red grape varieties. A total of 1800 hours of sunshine per year provide an ideal Mediterranean climate as well as a perfect terroir…

Vinothek Par-Terre

A “vinothek” is not simply a wine store; the establishment is firmly rooted in Germany’s wine culture and merges a high-class wine retailer, bar, tasting room, and event location in one…

Wine-lovers weekend

If you want to escape the everyday, then this is the package for you.


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