Backpacking in the Palatinate – at first, backpacking evokes a notion of adventure, wilderness, and remoteness in distant countries. With its easily accessible hiking trails and cabins, Germany does not readily come to mind, and let alone the Palatinate.

Trekking camps

Yet, seven camp sites have been opened along the Southern Wine Route and six in the Donnersberg and Lauter region. These camping sites, which can be used from April through October, officially allow you to spend a night in the Palatinate Forest Nature Park biosphere reserve. Not too far off the main trails, you will feel as if you are alone with deer and foxes in the wild.

All camping sites are located outside the villages and off the main hiking trails so that they do not affect nature conservation and water protection. They can be reached only on foot, and they have space for up to six tents, a fire pit, and a rustic outhouse – a simple set-up that brings you close to nature. Backpackers who decide to stay in the forest need to bring their own water and food and are not allowed to leave litter behind – these are the terms of use to which visitors have to agree.

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